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“We were astounded by how fast we were up and running with Azure”

216 is an organization with its own unique view of accountancy for small to medium-sized businesses. When 216 struck out on its own, it needed a modern environment that matched its ambitions. Within two months, 216 had completely switched over to Azure. This enables the company to respond fast to new developments.



“Cassiux’s combination of knowledge of Azure and service helped us realize our future.”

LOEK! provides a different perspective on managing and maintaining buildings. Smart online collaboration makes building management for everyone involved so much more easy. To make this happen while future-proofing the company, Cassiux worked together with LOEK! to first transfer the LOEK! online environment to Cassiux. We then prepared it to incorporate a complete cloud-proof platform, using the newest technologies including blockchain.

Visma Connect

“Cassiux supports us in quickly and reliably rolling out new internal services such as Azure Stack and OpenShift.”

Visma Connect is a dynamic and fast-growing ICT service provider from The Hague. An expert in chain computerization, the company focuses on designing, improving and managing the automated exchange of information. Coen Egberink, Managing Director of Visma Connect: “We work for (semi) governments and the corporate sector. Reliable, safe and fast electronic information exchange is key to us. Cassiux helps Visma Connect to realize its DevOps operational method.”

Ledger Leopard

“Cassiux supports us with Microsoft Azure services and managing the associated  licenses.”

Ledger Leopard the Block Chain specialist: The future of security, transparency and efficiency is here.
Reduce your administrative costs by 40% using proven blockchain solutions that ensure transparency and security.
The Ledger Leopard platform is a solution based on REST APIs that interface with Ethereum-based blockchains. By design, blockchain technology is an open and distributed ledger that is resistant to data modification, whereas records cannot be retroactively altered without full consensus from all involved parties.